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Top 10 household essenitals

"I've got an oil for that!".... A phrase that is constantly flying around my house. I have spent hours researching medical articles for the best uses for the below Essential oils to empower you with Natural ways to care for your health (links to articles included).

Below is a list of my Top 10 Oils to have around the house for a myriad of uses from weight loss, improving health, hygiene and mood enhancing, to pain management & even cleaning....
IMPORTANT: Please make sure that when purchasing oils, opt for "Therapeutic Grade". Synthetic oils are more likely to harm than help you on your path to good health. Get yours here

Always make sure to administer oils safely. More info here

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  • Antimicrobial (Germ killer)- The superman of essential oils! Oregano oil is an effective treatment for a range of nasty bugs as it is Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral and Anti-Parasitic. Candida albicans is one of the microbes that Oregano works best against. You must be careful when administering Oregano oil though as it can cause a burning sensation if not appropriately diluted. Always use a carrier oil on the skin. Please seek professional advice before using internally.

  • Home-made mouth wash- Add 2 drops oregano oil and 1 drop peppermint oil to 500 ml water for an antibacterial mouthwash


  • Goo Remover- You can use orange oil straight to remove adhensive, or mix with bicarb and white vinegar to remove baked on grease

  • Beautiful Skin- Orange oil improves complexion and decreases the appearance of wrinkles due to its vitamin C content which increases collagen synthesis. Combine with rose-hip oil for a divine nightly facial treatment

  • Uplifting mood enhancer- Research shows that orange oil has an uplifting and calming effect on the brain. Diffuse with lavender to calm you down during times of stress or with Rosemary to wake you up and help you concentrate when that 3pm slump hits!


  • Wound healing- Great to keep in the first aid kit! Accelerates wound healing​ by promoting collagen synthesis (Great for Acne scarring and can assist in healing Psoriatic sores when used in a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil) 

  • Antibacterial- This property is another reason it is great to use on wounds and Acne

  • Headaches- When in inhaled for 15 minutes, lavender oil has been found to reduce the severity of headaches & migraines 

  • Insomnia- Diffusing lavender oil can help you to fall asleep if it is administered via aromatherapy. It is the quickest pathway for a substance to effect your brain via the Olfactory (sense of smell) system because of the proximity to the brain.

  • Mood improving-  Was found to lower feelings of stress, depression and anxiety when administered via aromatherapy. I always diffuse a mixture of frankincense, orange & lavender in times of stress! 


  • Nausea- This is my absolute go to oil when it comes to treating nausea and bloating. Place 1 drop in a tall glass of water and sip slowly. Can also be inhaled.

  • Tension headaches- Apply peppermint oil to your temples to provide relief for tension headaches. Perfect to pair with lavender oil if the tension headache is stress related (if so apply to temples and back of neck for best results).

  • Sinus Relief- Peppermint not only opens up the airways and acts as a decongestant but also acts as an anti-inflammatory for the delicate skin inside the sinus area when inhaled. Put 2 drops in a bowl of hot water, place head over bowl covered with tea towel and breathe in.


  • Joint inflammation- Frankincense has been found to be a powerful anti-inflammatory for joint pain, particularly Arthritis.

  • Asthma- Diffusion of Frankincense was found to reduce need for medication inhalation in Asthmatics

  • Treats topical infections- Frankincense is a powerful antimicrobial for skin, scalp and nail infections

  • Anti-inflammatory- anti-inflammatory effect in on intestinal and respiratory conditions including ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, bronchitis and sinusitis. Can be diffused or applied to the skin via a carrier oil for internal issues.

  • Anxiety- mixed with lavender and orange for a perfect anti-anxiety blend


  • Oral Hygiene- Clove can be used as an antibacterial agent when diluted in the mouth as a rinse to kill pathogens, specifically Strep. This can reduce bad breath. Very strong so ensure only small amounts of clove are used. Seek advice before using.

  • Tooth Ache- Eugenol, a constituent in clove oil is an antiseptic which means it helps kill the germs causing tooth infection, and an anesthetic which helps dull the pain caused by infection.. Mix 1 drop with a tablespoon coconut oil and apply to gums as needed

  • Acne- Clove's antimicrobial effects can be used to fight bacterial acne. Use in a carrier oil. Coconut oil would be best as it also has antibacterial qualities.


Improves focus & memory- Perfect one for studies! Diffuse 5 drops while working or studying to improve concentration and retain more information.

Balances hormones-  Rosemary has been found to balance hormonal imbalances in the body if either Oestrogen or Androgen levels become too high- may be good to diffuse monthly ladies!

Roman Chamomile

Promotes Heart Health- Roman Chamomile can lower blood pressure and have a calming effect on the heart because of its high levels of flavonoids.

Upset digestive system- Can be used to counteract nausea and diarrhoea

Helps with PMS- natural mood enhancer which can reduce cycle related depression. Its can also stop or lessen menstrual cramps, back pain and migraines.

Anxiety- Calms the brains to help control feelings of anxiety when delivered via a diffuser.

Tea Tree

Homemade Bug Spray- 20 drops of tea tree oil, mixed with 10 peppermint and 10 lavender in 1/2 cup of pure water & 1/2 cup witch hazel acts as a great natural repellent. Mix and transfer to spray bottle to repel bugs. Can also be used on bites themselves take the sting out.

  • Antimicrobial- Perfect for spot treating acne or other infected skin sores. There have been over 400 studies about the effectiveness of tea tree oil's antimicrobial properties!
    Acne- this is perfect for using on pimples to kill the bacteria causing the bump, as well as cooling the inflamed area. Can use this oil directly on skin without a carrier if no sensitivity.

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