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Medical Research Based Information-
Essential Oils
Info on how essential oils can improve your everyday life

Meet Jess

Jess is a Passionate and Caring Clinical Naturopath with particular knowledge in, but not limited to:

-Digestive Issues including
gastrointestinal conditions food
intolerances, parasites & infections
- Lyme Disease & Coinfections
- Mould illness & CIRS
- Chronic Fatigue
- Autoimmunity/ Poor Immunity
- Allergies

- Hormonal Imbalances



Treatments and Services available:

-Scientifically Based Naturopathic Medicine

-Herbal & Nutritional Medicine

-Dietary advice and Eating Plans

-Investigative testing to find root causes including- Food Intolerance, Gut, Hormone, Thyroid, Immunity, Toxicity and Mental Health

-Everyday Lifestyle Advice

-Weight loss and Detox plans

-Emotional Support

-Essential Oil & Flower Essence Therapy

Get your health back on track
Naturopathic consults offered based on finding the root cause of illness using evidence based approaches to creating health by providing treatment plans & lifestyle advice including dietary advice, nutrient/mineral therapy, herbal medicine, iridology, massage, flower essences, essential oils, among other methods to start you on your health journey...


Everyday detox
Info and instructions on how you can introduce daily detox methods into your life
Treat your symptoms from the root cause...
Naturopathic nutritional and medicinal advice is about treating the whole personal and finding the root cause of health issues instead of masking the symptoms. Click below to find out more about what sets Naturopathy apart from the rest...