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Lemon water detox

Lemon water seems too simple to be helpful, but it is an elixir that will kick start your digestive system and liver into gear..

Lemons are often thought of as a sour fruit, but their flavour is considered to be a "bitter". 

Bitter flavours:

  • Stimulate the flow of digestive juices from the pancreas, duodenum and liver. This aids  sluggish digestion.

  • Assists the liver in it’s work to detox the body and increase the flow of bile

  • Regulates secretions by the pancreas that regulate blood sugar and blood sugar regulating hormones such as insulin & glucagon

  • Helps the gut wall repair damage through stimulating self-repair mechanisms

Best time of day to have your lemon water is first thing when you wake up. Squeeze 1/4 to 1/2 of a lemon into cold or hot water and drink at least 10 mins before eating anything. This will ensure your digestive system is ready for the food ahead. You can also add cut up cucumber for an anti-inflammatory element for an inflamed digestive tract.

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