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I was always the medical case that was "too hard". There was "nothing wrong" in the eyes of mainstream medicine.

I was working in finance industry and had sooo many symptoms. Chronic joint pain, 
chronic fatigue, asthmatic symptoms, multiple allergies, increasing amount of throat closures after food and chemical exposure, migraines, memory loss, neurological burning pains, rapid weight loss then rapid weight gain, rashes, random swelling and cysts, low sex drive, constant thrush, horrendous period pain, low grade fever, insomnia, body and facial acne and constant nausea.

I was told it was all in my head, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome and sent to psychologists multiple times, even after calling an ambulance.

The truth was, I had Lyme disease, Bartonella, Mycoplasma Pneumonia and Staph Aureus bacterial infections, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, Chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS), Black Mould illness, Mast cell activation Syndrome (MCAS) Hormonal imbalances, Leaky gut, Copper toxicity, bacterial gut infections and systemic candida.

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Jess' Story

It took me quitting work, doing my own research into what was going on with my body, studying to become a Naturopath myself and running my own functional pathology testing to get my answers. Granted it took a long time, but I was able to heal my body naturally using a mixture of herbal medicine, detox strategies, nutritional medicine, energetic healing and dietary changes. 

I never want anyone else to feel the same, which is why I do what I do. You know your body better than anyone else and if you feel something is wrong, then keep fighting until you have your answers.
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