A picture is worth a thousand words....
Below can physically see the difference before and after my naturopathic journey.
When I was younger and even into adulthood I was always known as the"sick one". People got to the point where they would no longer ask what I had been up to when I caught up with them, but the question was "hows your health been?". You name any semi common ailment and I'd had it- Asthma, Lyme disease, hay-fever, food allergies, chronic fatigue, overweight even though I was active, pneumonia, bronchitis, spinal injuries, acne, anxiety, depression, dermatitis, severe PMT, endometriosis and the list goes on...
After years of going to doctors and being told there was no causation or correlation between any of my conditions I decided to try a Naturopath, a decision that would change my life.
Not only had I found my passion and my new career after being terribly unhappy in corporate finance for 7 years, but my allergies improved, my spinal injury healed, I lost weight, my skin cleared up, my PMT is next to non existent, my breathing improved and my mental health has never been better.
Naturopathy is not an overnight fix but I am walking proof that it works.



Jess' Story