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Clean, deodorize, and tackle mold spores anywhere and everywhere with our NEW EC3 Wipes! These unique cleaning wipes are doctor-designed, nontoxic, and powered by our lab-tested and proven blend of citrus seed extracts. 



EC3 Wipes are perfect for use on fiberglass, sealed stone and marble, laminate, bed frames, toys, computer keyboards, auto interiors, sports equipment, painted surfaces, nonporous surfaces, sinks, vinyl, glazed ceramic tile, cabinets, metal, tools, door handles, PC mice, toilet seats, countertops, plastic, hard surfaces, trash cans, fixtures, light switch covers, and more! EC3 Wipes are also great for on-the-go cleaning and to keep in your car to wipe things down when you are away from home. Not only are they effective, but they work to lower mold counts and improve the health of your indoor surfaces/spaces without harsh chemicals, perfumes, or fumes.



Wipe the surface until clean.



1. Wipe the surface thoroughly, leaving behind a thin layer of EC3 cleaning solution.

2. Allow to air dry. No rinsing is required.


Use suggestions: Fiberglass, Sealed Stone And Marble, Laminate, Bed Frames, Toys, Computers, Auto Interiors, Sports Equipment, Nonporous Surfaces, Sinks, Vinyl, Tile, Cabinets, Metal, Tools, Toilet Seats, And More!

EC3 Wipes

  • Ingredients: Water, Alkyl Polyglucoside (From Coconuts), Proprietary Blend Of Citrus Seed Extracts, Isopropyl Alcohol, Lemon Oil

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