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Detox/ Heavy Metal testing

Our bodies were designed to detox naturally. However our modern lives mean we are exposed to more toxins than ever, which can leave our bodies in desperate need of detox support. 


Sources of Toxicity from everyday life:

  • Pesticides from our food

  • Harsh cleaning chemicals

  • Heavy metals in our water

  • Chemicals in our personal care products

  • Bleach used to whiten sanitary products

  • Plastics/ BPAs in our containers/ coffee cups

  • Fragrances/ perfumes

  • Petrol/ diesel fumes

  • Mould toxins/ mycotoxins

  • Makeup/ nail polish

  • Toxins absorbed into the ground we walk on/ grow food in

  • Herbicides used in public gardens

  • Chemicals used in new furniture (strong smell when it arrives)

  • Artificial sweeteners

  • Preservatives

  • Food colourings



Of course the first option would be to change over to low-toxin/
organic options for all the above to minimise toxin exposure.
If you think you may have been exposed to a lot of these over
a long period of time, some of the symptoms you may notice 
when you toxin cup is full and your body is having trouble
detoxing are:

  • Brain fog

  • Skin rashes

  • Nausea/ no appetite upon waking

  • Excess quickly developed cellulite

  • Eye floaters/ blurriness that comes and goes

  • Changes in mental health

  • Fatigue

  • Joint pain 

  • Hormonal changes 

  • Pain over right side of abdomen

  • Bloating

  • Allergies

What are my detox and heavy metals testing options?

Heavy Metals/ Minerals

Heavy metal toxicity is a common issue in Australia and lots of people are widely affected by this condition. Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead and aluminium, accumulate in the body over time and are suspected to lead to a wide spread of symptoms and health conditions. Heavy metal toxicity is caused primarily by the levels of pollution and use of chemicals that we are exposed to on a day to day basis.

Heavy Metal Analysis- Spot Urine- The urine toxic metal analysis test is a remarkable tool for the assessment of fourteen toxic metals looking at the excretion of toxic metals in a 24 collection period. 

Hair Mineral Analysis- Hair metal and mineral analysis measures nutrient and toxic metal content of hair. 

Hair can contain minerals and metals and can accumulate over long periods of time. A wide range of metals and minerals can be measured in one sample to provide status of cellular activity and nutrient metabolism. Every physiological function in the body is catalysed by minerals.

Since the structure of hair remains unchanged, the minerals are fixed in the hair and levels in hair do not significantly change once that portion of hair has grown. The analysis accurately provides concentrations of minerals that have accumulated in the hair tissue over the hair growth period, approximately one to three months.

Hair Mineral and Heavy Metal Analysis- View Sample Report


The MTHFR genetic mutation is a mutation that effects the way your body is able to utilise Vitamin B6, B9 and B12 to assist with liver detoxification, making it harder to move some toxic substances out of the body (and other bodily processes such as blood pressure regulation and mental health). This is especially important to look at if you also have a family history, or yourself have any cardiovascular health issues, or have ever had blood test readings that show low or high readings of vitamin B6, B9 (folate) or B12.

MTHFR Buccal (mouth) swab- View sample report 

DNA testing- Detoxification Profile

Certain genes- single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) can affect detoxification enzymes and the ability to effectively process and remove a wide range of compounds; this can lead to altered detoxification function. The DNA Detoxification Profile helps to better understand your ability to detoxify and eliminate certain toxins and compounds, allowing for treatment plans to based on your individual needs. Results may help to improve the necessary detoxification processes to improve overall wellbeing.

DNA testing profile options (all)- View patient brochure

Organic Acids Testing

The organic acids test is a simple urine test that looks at biomarkers that give an overview of several major systems in the body and an analysis of nutritional deficiencies in the body.

The organic acid test is a nutritional test providing insights into the body’s cellular metabolic processes. Organic acids are metabolic intermediates that are produced in pathways of central energy production, detoxification, neurotransmitter breakdown, or intestinal microbial activity.

This test assess a wide range of cellular and physiological processes including intestinal dysbiosis, energy production, nutrient requirements and neurotransmitter metabolism.

By evaluating organic acid levels and pinpointing the metabolic dysfunctions occurring at the cellular level, a comprehensive, customised treatment strategy can be tailor-made for each individual patient.

This test is the single most comprehensive test in evaluating:
• Citric acid cycle abnormalities
• B-group vitamin utilisation
• Neurotransmitter abnormalities
• CoQ10 sufficiency
• Amino acid insufficiencies
• GUT Dysbiosis
• Yeast infestation
• Nutritional deficiencies
• Fatty acid metabolism

Organic Acids Urine test- View Sample Report

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To work with Jess to do a thorough investigation into your health and choose the right testing for you, as well as an individualised treatment plan, book a session below to get started on your journey to great health

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