Suggested as a mycotoxin sequestering (binding) agent.


• One of nature’s perfect wholefood supplements containing complete protein (58%), all the B group vitamins (incl. B12), vitamins C and E as well as most major and many rare trace minerals. It is the most common supplement taken by the longest living race on earth, the Japanese.
• Packed with readily bio-available chlorophyll (the highest of any known plant) which may assist with cellular metabolism and general detoxification.
• Contains over 20% Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) which may support normal cell growth and the immune system.
• A perfect source of nucleic acids (found in RNA and DNA) which assist in cellular renewal, growth and repair.
• Chlorella is an alkaline food which may not only counter the over-acidity of many processed foods, but may also help raise our bodily pH levels towards the alkaline side of the scale, thereby greatly assisting metabolic function.
• Abundant phytonutrients and anti-oxidants that may help protect against free radicals and a large number of environmental and dietary pollutants.
• Excellent source of bio-available, blood building iron.
• Chlorella is one of the most scientifically researched foods in history.


The source of Australia's finest Synergy Natural Chlorella is a sub-tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, isolated from heavy industrial operations and utilizing pure, underground spring water as the growth medium.



Synergy Natural Organic Chlorella 500mg 500t

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  • Suggested Usage:
    Consumption can vary with activity levels, state of health & age. 
    Start-up: 2 tablets per day for first week or two. 
    Caution: Chlorella can initially result in mild bowel movement changes in some persons, introduce it slowly and only increase the amount after these changes disappear. 
    Maintenance: 6 tablets per day. 
    Optimum: 6 tablets three times daily or 18 tablets total per day. 

    Best taken at or after meals with plenty of fluid (preferably pure water to assist the removal of toxins). You can take Chlorella with every meal or once a day.

    Always check with your health care provider before starting any new supplements.